Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today, my friend Tazeen (http://tazeen-tazeen.blogspot.com/)wrote:

"Just because najam sethi is not brimming with love and praise for the cross eyed CJ, the so called united students movement calls him 'master of yellow journalism'! What they forgot was that Najam Sethi was beaten up and paraded naked by the police when a certain mr nawaz sharif was PM with a very heavy mandate because The Friday Times was the only publication that published the pictures of Mr Saif ur Rehman (Nawaz Sharif's close confidante and head of NAB) running to Dubai with suitcases full of foreign currency when Mr Sharif froze all foreign currency accounts in Pakistan following the 'wada dhamaka'. The man who stole 11 billion dollars (biggest robbery to date) from the common people by freezing the foreign currency accounts is now whiter than white and Najam Sethi is the bad guy. Perhaps this is the best example of collective amnesia.
Even the united students movement is behaving like lawyers movement and the lame duck BUSH. You are either with us or against us, there is absolutely no room for dissent."
Collective Amnesia? Sounds more like Alzheimers. The day the people of Pakistan even entertained the thought that a man like Asif Zardari could be their leader, they moved into the final stages of the disease, when it only grows worse with time, and ultimately decays your brain into nothingness.

It's a horrible thing to give up hope on people who are supposed to be a part of you, to whom you surely owe more optimism than this. But I feel very traitorish right now. I just cannot get over that man sitting surrounded with fawning jialas, garlands decorating his proud chest, showing his finger to everyone in the world including his dead wife, who for some reason I refuse to believe ever imagined that he would take over her place in the fickle hearts and minds of her people


Tazeen said...

I think Zardari is shrewed enough to stay out of the seat of power but if he ever decided to take it on, i will be the first to file immigration papers to whatever country that might accept me. In fact i should start the process right now.

Aisha said...

kosovo, as some of my colleagues are actively considering :)