Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the spy museum

so while it is good to catch up with the history of spying, the very movie-like real spy stories, see Bond's original Aston Martin in person, and the lipstick shotgun, and the implications of how out of control a monster KGB was but CIA wasn't during the cold war (they didn't say anything, they implied), the spy museum of DC plays a trick on its visitors not many will forgive. It makes them memorize details of random men and women to 'assume' their new identities as spies, hypes it up to be some exciting game in a closed room before letting them out, and then forgets all about it as the giggling crowd leaves. Hasina Mtumbe from Kenya and Assad Sharma from Columbo didn't really get to do anything more exciting than walk up and down the two floors of the museum and fervently wait for someone to quiz them on where they were headed (hasina was going to Munich, pretending it was for 'family' reasons). mmph, dumb

I love walking in DC (when it is 49 degrees).

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