Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama's burden

Dana Milbank, in his column ‘Washington Sketch’ in the Post writes today:
"Here are some things we can look forward to learning about Barack Obama:
• That he was mentored in high school by a member of the Soviet-controlled Communist Party.
• That he launched his Illinois state Senate campaign in the home of a terrorist and a killer.
• That while serving as a state senator, he was a member of a socialist front group.
• That his affiliations are so dodgy that he would have trouble getting a government security clearance.
• That there is reason to doubt his "loyalty to the United States."
The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy took a blow with Hillary Clinton's collapse. But it is regrouping, and finding plenty of sinister things to say about Obama -- even if he didn't trade cattle futures.”

I have finally found a couple of silver linings about Hillary Clinton staying longer in this race.

a: No matter how harmful the aspersions cast on Obama by the Clinton campaign were to the now presumptive Democratic nominee, they couldn’t have beaten what the Republican Party would do to him in the general. But they were good practice to prepare him for the future.

And b: Hillary’s staying in the race actually lengthened the time where Obama had to mostly contend with the Clinton Camp and not the much more vicious Republican camp. That of course ended with the arrival of Reverend Wright at the party. If he had become the nominee earlier on, they (the republicans) would have had much more time to denigrate him.

Well hello denigration.


a corrupt bankrupt walrus said...

Ok, so here is my 2cnts worth of jarring in the political pot just cuz I'm like a castaway when it comes to politics but after your article I was wondering why I don't agree with Obama, either: I don't hate him btb but what I don't like is his flowery "let's just all agree to get along" attitude towards international policy. Yes! Let's all be friends!
Americans distrust him now because his message of unity is false.

TQ said...

Hey walrus...

so you know i had to say something here since its obama.... hehehe

the language that you are referring to, in addition to sounding "flowery", is also a signal to the diplomatic world that instead of being obstructionists as the US is under Bush, he will instead be more of a pragmatist.

Through control of the banking system and many other monetary mechanisms, the role the US govt plays is EXTREMELY important in world issues. Using that and the vote the US has as a permanent member on the UN security council, bush has prevented progress on global warming, alternative fuels, palestinians right to have their own free state and a host of other crucial issues. Too many times we end up being the sole vote preventing sanctions on israel when they cluster bomb civilians and steal palestinian land.

i am not saying obama will or even can solve everything listed above but at least our vote on the security council will be found less often on the side of those preventing action that will save lives.