Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My throat feels like tied down to a few bags of wet cement. I hate thunderstorms and wet weather, and my feelings of uncertainty and insecurity somehow always coincide with the disappearance of the sun.

At the Metro today, I saw a family today. Four people with that distinct Punjabi nose that I'm way too familiar with. For the first time in life seeing the familiar Punjabi nose made me happy; nostalgia I suppose. Punjabi uncle with his new handycam, recording each train that arrived on the platform; inside the trains, disheveled and tired men and women, staring. Well-groomed Punjabi twenty something daughter with her permed, dyed hair and flat stomach, excitedly recounting her day to her mother--a beautiful Punjabi matron, with heavy eyeliner and round, gold earrings. And hovering over them all, the tall, bear-like son of the family, holding them together so they wouldn't miss their train.


Tazeen said...

even a tiny spot of familiarity in a foreign land can bring you closer to home ... that was sweet madiha

PS: What is a particular punjabi nose, i never noticed it.

Fresh Off the Boat: said...

Next time u see a punjabi person (but fully punjabi, not half-baked like me) notice the nose. More often than not you'll notice the wide-ish hook noses, prominent on the face. I should take you to one of my dad's family weddings someday, THAT'S the place to notice the noses