Friday, February 20, 2009

Coloring the Future...

This is a drawing by ten-year old Ruqayya, a student at the TCF School in Machar Colony, Karachi. It appeared in a feature in the newspaper DAWN, that invited school-going children from different socio-economic strata in Karachi to draw their vision of a future Pakistan.

Not surprisingly, the young artists were infinitely more optimistic and hopeful about Pakistan's future than the adults are. In her thoughtful drawing (the words in Urdu translate as Good and Evil on left and right respectively), Ruqayya dreams of an equal and just Pakistan as a scale, in which industrial and technological development outweighs ills like drugs, violence and crime -- heavy stuff for a ten-year old to be dreaming about:). Ruqayya, like her classmates, is among the first children in her family to ever attend school in the impoverished community of Machar Colony, one of Karachi's poorest slums. See more drawings by TCF kids at the TCF-USA blog.

Here's to our children's dreams should be.


sawan said...

impressive.. u cud have translated the words written in the pic.

Madiha W.Q. said...

thanks for pointing that out -- have translated the words on the blog. The right scale is titled 'Evil' and the left one 'Good' in Urdu.