Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Oscar Rant

On a lighter note, Sunday's Oscar ceremony was typically boring and overlong, which is fine and expected, but there was something especially annoying about it this time.

Apparently, some genius gave them the idea that broadcasting Barbara Walteresque testimonials by actor friends of the nominees would keep those flighty audiences rooted in their seats.

Well, here's what it came off as. Not that the overly patronizing, condescending and self-congratulatory world of Hollywood will ever get a clue about this, but must giving someone an award for best acting also entail proving that they have the purest of hearts as well? Tom Shales of the Post was right on when he played down the nauseating and rambling tributes to the 'great humanitarians' and the 'best fathers and husbands' of our times. No talk of the acting skill involved, the preparation, the labor of love that a well-acted role is, or the character they were nominated for. We do, however, know now that Julianne Moore truly loves Colin Firth and Morgan Freeman is bad with names. And Vera Farmiga's mom thinks George Clooney is a dish.

Who.the.hell.cares about whether Oscar nominees have a forty year old marriage or gave a million or two to Haiti or are oh-so-lovable? Were they nominated for the goodness of their hearts, or their general cuddliness? Heck no! They were nominated for doing their job, and as someone should tell the producers of Oscars too: DO YOUR JOB. Respect your own award.

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